b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEACKNOWLEDGEMENTS RABBI SAM TAYLORT hisisthefourthHighHolidayspublication that the Lossos family have sponsored which I would like to thank them for. The series has been a huge success and it simply wouldnt have beenpossiblewithouttheirencouragementand steadfast support. Jamie in particular has been a wonderful partner who has taken an active interest in the project and been there from the very beginning throughout our journey.Thank you again to Mary Regnier-Leigh for helping to proof read this booklet, which she did with great expertise and care.Im very grateful to Gina Drew Davis for her administrative assistance which helped to make the process of putting this together much smoother.We have been very fortunate this year to have Michael Marks as our graphic designer whose creativity and professionalism is hugely appreciated. Thanks also to Charlie Hanbury from the Print Team who is also always wonderful to work with.This publication was yet again supported by Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld and the lay leadership headed by Michael Ziff which is greatly appreciated. Over the past few months people from the WMA community have written very interesting and thought provoking articles to share with us. Thank you Joseph Mishon, Mark Pasha, Beverly Miller, Robbie Sherman, Simon Djanogly, Howard Morris, Elliot Safra, Paul Faiman, John Fenner, Rebbetzen Emma, Jane Mirvitch, Mary Reigner Leigh, Michael Ezra, Gina Drew Davis, Alex Brummer, Alan Goldberg, Ed Gold, Charlotte Pasha, Nigel Peters, Frances Goldberg, Brian Deutsch and Marcos Chazan for taking time and effort to share Torah with us.Enjoy the booklet. Its another great Yom Tov read!!6'