b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEYOM HATZMA-FAUDAED GOLDW howouldliketoreadahistorictale aboutthebirthofanewnationin themiddleeast?No?Nobody?Not interested at all? Ok I get it, historic stories dont do it for most people unless you say these magic words: Did you see that new Netflix show? Turn any historic story into a Netflix show and were hooked. Here is Israels War of Independence, Fauda style. It all started on the 14th May 1948 at 4pm. Ben Gurion picked up his pen to sign the historic declaration of independence, giving the Jewish nation a homeland after centuries of wandering. Millions of Jews around the world were glued to their radios listening for the news to come in. But not Faudas Doron Kavillio. Doron was the wild leader of an elite team of Jewish fighters. He sat on a shabby brown outdoor sofa, chain smoking as the rest of the unit arrived at the base to prepare for the invasion. First, the sniper Avichai. Mami! Shalom! proclaims Doron, kissing him on both cheeks. Next to arrive is Nurit, the only female in the group who tells Doron that he looks unwell and needs sleep. Doron ignores her advice and opens a bottle of Arak for the team and lights his cigarette. At 6am the next morning Captain Gabi Ayub arrives with the news that Israel is being invaded from all borders by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The Captain expects over 20,000 Arabs to fight. Israel is outnumbered and the Nations future could already be over. Doron refuses to panic. Zis is nothing new. Lets get ready, he says while lighting another cigarette. The plan is set: they will dress up in Arab clothing and attempt to infiltrate enemy lines. Nurit disguises her signature hairstyle with a long dark wig. She wears a full-length burqa, brown sandals hiding under the fabric and eyes are adorned with dark eye shadow. This carefully planned outfit would help her go unnoticed in the Arab territories. The men went all out and wore sunglasses. 50'