b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONThere is more wine drinking and a few more songs, includingVintage Who Knows One? After the line, Eight are the days of the britBiblical milah, I shout out chop, chop and burst into a giggling fit. Allillustration the children hunt the afikomen. I spot it, but so does my sister, Ruth.of Moses and We both grab it. The afikomen breaks into numerous pieces andAaron before there are matzah crumbs all over the floor. I argue with Ruth asPharaoh after the to who found it first. The matzah in my hand has become a soggyTenth Plague: mush. And then I start crying again. Uncle Jack, with the wisdom ofDeath of the Solomon, solves the problem and placates us both by giving us bothFirstborn. a present. But by now my mother has had enough: Go to bed. Dayenu, dayenu!43'