b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEPESACH MICHAEL EZRAW henIthinkofPesach,Iamsixyears old again. And I cant think of a better holidayforasix-year-oldthanPesach. This is especially true for me. As the youngest in the family, I get to sing the most important song of the evening: Mah Nishtanah. It is my big moment. The family is all present, listening intently, as Ia scrubbed up six year old in brand new clothes that are only slightly too big for me, but dont worry, you will grow into themflawlessly, with no more than three very small mistakes, complete the four questions. Then comes that wonderful biblical account from the Haggadah. The Jews were slaves in Pharaohs Egypt and led out of Egypt by the Lord with an outstretched hand. There are questions from the four sons, certainly: but I am more interested in what the wicked son did that made him wicked than in the question he asks, and the answer provided. After drinking a glass of wine, I deliberately fall off my chair and pronounce to all gathered family members that I am drunk. The fact the wine is actually grape juice with no alcohol in it whatsoever is neither here nor there. The biblical story continues. That section, which I learnt at cheder, the one dealing with the ten plagues, arrives. I keep dipping my finger in the non-alcoholic grape juice that made me drunk, but by mistake, after one of the plagues, I lick my finger. This is a disaster. Mr. Markham, my cheder teacher, had told me that licking a finger was like licking the plagues. It is too late. I break down in tears and scream that my skin was going to erupt in cattle plagues. Cousin Gaynor tells me that I am wrong as only cattle get cattle plague and I am not cattle. I respond, wailing, that I am not a chicken but yet I had caught chicken pox. Finally, my mother calms me down by explaining that the egg in saltwater, which I was soon to eat, would prevent the cattle plague. The food comes, and keeps coming, including charoset. Why cant I have charoset every day? To end the mealgremslisch. Didnt someone famous once say, If they havent got leavened bread, let them eat gremslisch? If they didnt, they should have. It is delicious. 42'