b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEPREFACE JAMIE LOSSOSW elcome to the 4th edition of the Lossos family high holidays booklet. Thisisinlovingmemoryofmylate grandparentsChaimandDeborahSteinfeld.Iwill alwaysadmirethemfortheirloveofJudaismand Yiddishkeit, that they had in their home. Although I never met my grandfather I still use him as a role model of a perfect jew, with his love of Torah and Israel.This has not been an easy year for everyone due the outbreak of the coronavirus throughout the world.Disrupting our life with not being able to go to work and socialise with people. Not being able to go to shul to daven as a community on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Being forced to be at home and for the 1st time since my younger brother Daniel was born in 1985 having to make Pesach at home and not be in Israel.On behalf of my family and the entire Western Marble Arch community I would like to thank and pay tribute to Rabbi Sam and Rebbitzen Emma Taylor together with their beautiful children Yishai, Miri, Naftali and Motti, who after six years have left our community to take up their new role of Rabbi and Rebbitzen at the Yavneh Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue.We of course miss them as they have been an enormous asset to the whole community. We miss Rebbitzen Emmas weekly meaningful moment on WhatsApp on the parsaha every Friday. Rabbi Sam I want to pay tribute to you and thank you also for your dedication and service you have given to WMA. Also,forwelcomingmeandmyfamilyintothecommunityso beautifully. You have not only been a great friend but are also like family and I thank you for helping put together our High holiday booklets for the last 4 years. If it was not for you this project would not have ever got started. I wish you, Rebbitzen Emma and the whole family every hazlacha and success in your new role. 8'