b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONAstheyjumpintotheirjeep,CaptainAyubpeersthroughthe window and tells them to stay away from Jerusalem. It is a battle we cannot win. That is an order from your captain. Doron turns on the ignition, throws his cigarette out the window, roars up the Jeep and in typical insubordinate fashion, heads to Jerusalem. Outnumbered, Doron and the team fight for months until West Jerusalem is miraculously and victoriously secured. Yom Hatzmaut is a day of celebration that we can all connect with. Its a day where we get a real understanding of who we are as a nation. We are fighters. Despite being surrounded and invaded by 5 Arab nations we stood up and fought. It looked impossible to win. We had just recovered from the Holocaust. We were broken. We were shattered. But we are a people that do not hide and do not cower. In this case we had to fight for the right to live. When the odds are against us, Yom Hatzmaut teaches us that we can still choose our future and as Jews, we choose life.DavidBen-Gurion at the declaration of Israels independence.51'