b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUESUCCOTH A KABBALISTIC PERSPECTIVEROBBIE SHERMANT he Kabbalists speak about Light and Vessel. TheLightrepresentsthebeneficenceand goodnessofGod(Hashem).InKabbalistic terminology, Light is the thing that fulfills the Vessel. Meanwhile, the Vessel is the container for Hashems beneficence. In this world, we human beings, with all our needs, wants and desires represent the Vessel. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and indeed the entire month of Elul preceding these two holidays, are all designed to correct and perfect the Vessel, in preparation for receiving The Light of Hashems fulfilment.WhatmakesSukkothsuchaspecialholidayisthatitmarks the moment on the Jewish Calendar when the Vessel has been perfected and we can finally, after much preparation, draw down all of Gods beneficence. The spiritual Light (of God) that we receive on Sukkoth lasts for the entire Hebrew year and this, in turn, can benefit our lives forever.Light and Vessel can be compared to Water and a Cup. In this metaphor, light is likened to water and the cup is likened to the vessel. If the cup has holes in it then the water will leak through, ultimately leaving the cup defective and unable to hold liquid. The cup will be unable to complete its purpose and will not be fulfilled. It will remain an empty vessel. This is why its so important to actually repair the cup before filling it.Followingonfromthismetaphor,wecanunderstandwhyits necessary that we first have the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (prior to Sukkoth). The High Holidays allow us to patch up the cups holes, so to speak. But these holidays really are only a preparation for whats to come.And yet, such an intense emphasis is popularly placed on the High Holidays that indeed a majority of Jews will overlook the import of the holidays that follow: and Sukkoth holds the potential of bringing so much positivity to our lives.18'