b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONI am reliably informed that the film Schindlers List gave permission for many Survivors to tell their story too and the subject was no longer the feared word of the past years but opened the world to a myriad of testimonies of the most unimaginable horror and brutality that was suffered by them as well as the extraordinary bravery showed by so many.What comforts me most when I attend our national Yom HaShoah memorialeventisthelightbeyondthedark.Seeingthepupils from Londons Jewish Schools singing Oseh Shalomis a powerful reminder that they are the future of the Jewish People as many of those school children are the third generation of survivors standing proudly before the audience bringing them so much joy. I have had the privilege of meeting many survivors who have told me their stories, I cannot and will never be able to comprehend how they survived. It cannot be underestimated how brave they are, how difficult it must be to tell and retell their stories to so many. They understand more than anyone the importance of educating youngpeople,tohelpthemunderstandthedangerofleaving extreme racism unchecked. Their desire is to ensure that their legacy and that knowledge lives on when they are no longer here. My hope is that the sharing of their experiences through the recording of their testimonies will continue to make an important contribution to how people live their lives and show respect to others.All our wonderful festival days mean so much to me, I am blessed with a beautiful family and we would normally celebrate all the Chagim and Yomin Noriam together. This year is different but I will celebrate with them again, something so many survivors of the Shoah were not able to do.Yom HaShoah is a day of reflection. On Yom HaShoah I think about those who have cruelly not been able to be a part of my life and I mourn them and all those who perished with them. It is not by chance that I have chosen a life of working for our community, it was an easy choice as it is a way of helping the Jewish Community in their name.45'