b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUETISHA BAV RABBI SAM TAYLORT he Medrash teaches that three prophets used the term eichao how! In Deuteronomy, Mosesasks:Eicha,howcanIalonebear your troubles, your burden and your strife? In the HaftorahforShabbatChazon,theProphetIsaiah asks: Eicha, how has the faithful city become like a prostitute? Lastly, Jeremiah begins the Book of Lamentations (Eicha): Eicha, how is it that Jerusalem is sitting in solitude! The city that was filled with people has become like a widow.EichaHow? How is it that anti-Semitism persists? Why must they rise up against us in every generation? On Tisha BAv we will sit on the floor and wonder aloud, eicha? How could it be Jews in Eastern Europe have to fear for their lives yet again? Eichahow could it be that today, with all the progress humanity has made, the ADL measures more than a quarter of the world as holding anti-Semitic views? Rabbi Soloveitchik tells us that though the Midrash identifies three times the word eicha is used, in truth there is a fourth. When Adam and Eve fail to take responsibility, G-d calls out to them and says ayeka, where are you? Ayeka is spelled with the same letters as eicha, leading Rabbi Soloveitchik to say that when we dont answer the call of ayeka, when we dont take personal responsibility for our problems and blame others, we will ultimately find ourselves asking eicha, how could it be?We can ask eicha, how could all of these terrible things be, but we may never have a definitive answer. Our job is to make sure we can answer the call of ayeka, where are you? Are you taking responsibility?We may not be able to fully understand why anti-Semitism exists, but we can and must remain vigilant in fighting it. We must remain strong in standing up for Jews everywhere. We must confront evil and do all we can to defeat it. And, we must do all that we can to take personal responsibility to fulfil the Jewish mission to bring G-dliness into the world.If individual Jews were hated for being the conscience of the others, all the more so does a Jewish country generate hate for being the moral conscience of the whole world, held to higher moral standards than any other country or state.60'