b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUESHAVUOT FRANCES GOLDBERGT heFeastofWeeks?Pentecost?Aharvest festival?TheendoftheCountingofthe Omer?Thecelebratingofreceivingthe Tablets of the Law? The destruction of the Golden Calf? The sharing of the best cheesecake recipes? The story of Ruth? Shavuot is all of this and more. I find Shavuot an interesting holiday. When I was at school, it seemed to me quite simply, the story of the receiving of the Ten Commandments; of Moses going up the mountain, of him coming down and seeing the Golden Calf; the dropping and breaking of the Tablets and Moses having to go back up the mountain. The kindness of Boaz and the story of Ruth gleaning in his field. Moses breaking the tablets of the law. Engraving 1870 by Gustave Dore.56'