b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONThe first Book was probably written in Hebrew, in Jerusalem, as itChanukahis in the style of the books of Samuel and Kings. This Book gives aAnonymous down-to-earth account of the story and the second Book which was18th Century.written originally in Greek, takes a more religious view of events. The first Book ascribes the Maccabean Revolt to Mattiyahu, who resisted the Greek officer who came to Modiin to persuade him to sacrifice and eat the entrails of a sacrifice, but Mattiyahu killed the officer and a Jew who came forward to do the officers command.Both of these books tell the same story but in different ways and with differing details. However, whilst the books describe in detail the Hasmonean revolt, disturbingly neither version mentions the miracle of the oil. According to the first book of Maccabees the eight days should be celebrated with joy on the 25th Kislev every year to commemorate the new altar. This follows Solomons temple dedication taking eight days and Ezras dedication of the altar during the eight days of Succot. 31'