b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEfall. As the Torah says, the blessing of the manna really was a test. It was a test in relinquishing control and relying on the Divine process. The manna in parshat Beshalach and the bare trees on Tu BShevat teach us an important lesson. As we eat our fruit on Tu Beshevat, we should view it as symbolic. It is a symbol of our nations faith and survival. The fruit is the culmination of a process that is disguised but through the actions of the Jewish people with the manna and Members ofby celebrating the birthday of the trees we are demonstrating that Kibbutz Manarawe understand that there is a process. There is a Divine plan that we planting fruitcannot see but we must have the inner conviction in ourselves and trees in 1946. the Almighty that it exists. With this in mind the fruit we eat on this festival will taste that much sweeter.36'