b'WESTERN MARBLE ARCH SYNAGOGUEAccording to second book of Maccabees, the eight days were a celebration of Succot which the Hasmoneans had been unable to celebrate properly in Tishrei.The Scroll of Antiochus differs in some details from the books of the Maccabees. An important difference is that the miracle of the oil in the scroll is given as the primary reason we kindle lights on Chanukahtocommemoratethemiracle,whereasintheother sourcesthismiracleisnotmentioned.Yemeniteprayerbooks contain the original Aramaic version of the Scroll and a Hebrew translation was included in some prayer books of other Jewish communities. There is another account of the Chanukah story by the important Roman Jewish historian, Josephus. Judah and his men celebrated a great feast which lasted for eight days and which we continue to observe as the festival of Lights. Josephus writing about 75 C.E. probably absorbed this from the first Book of Maccabees. Although the Books of the Maccabees were not accepted into the Jewish Cannon they have been preserved in the Apocrypha and are interesting historically It is sometimes difficult to sort out ancient history and myths as they often get mixed up however, the Encyclopaedia Judaica concludesThat the story of the miracle of the oil, which is also found in Talmudic writings could have originated only at a time when Chanukah had already become a festival lasting eight days, and serves as a reason for the practice of lighting the candles As the Scroll or Megillat Antiochus is the source of the story of the miracle which we celebrate on Chanukah, I am surprised that it is so little known. Notwithstandingtheconflictingaccountswhicharethought provoking, I consider Chanukah would be enriched by reading the scroll during the festival in our shuls, perhaps on Shabbat Chanukah as was the custom in Yemenite communities.32'