b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONSukkothmarksthemoment when wedrawdownthespiritual beneficence of Hashem and bring that beneficence directly into our lives. Its the moment when we actually get to fill our cup. And after all, whats the point of having a perfect cup without then filling it up?Sukkoth is an enjoyable holiday and participating in it is easy. The hard work was done during the prior holidays. During Sukkoth, all one has to do is dwell in the sukkah, underneath the shade of the schach (sukkah roof).The gematria (numerology) of the word schach is 100. This is the same gematria as Lech-Lecha . The third weekly Torah portion in the Book of Bereshith, Lech-Lecha, shares the schachs overarching message: If we go where Hashem tells us, we will be protected by Him. In the same way, sitting under the schach, dwelling in the Sukkah, we are doing what Hashem has commanded. And even though we expose ourselves to the elements by sitting in the Sukkah, we are protected by Hashem. In addition to this divine protection, Hashem promises to bring fulfillment to our lives.Therein lies an even deeper secret of the Sukkoth festival. Sukkoth marks the moment when we both receive fulfillment (a filling up of the vessel) and also when we increase the capacity of our spiritual vessel. To use the Kabbalists vernacular: Sukkoth is the moment when we awaken the Light of Potential or Surrounding Light and draw that light to ourselves, making it our own, Inner Light . When we connect to the awesome power of Sukkoth, things that previouslyseemedimpossibleforustoachieve,suddenlyfind themselves within our grasp. To accomplish this lofty mission, we incorporate the aid of the Four Species.The Four Species The four species are:1. The three myrtle branches2. The two willow branches3. The lulav and4. The etrog.The four species correlate to the seven sefirot which act as a physical conduit for the spiritual energy which we want to manifest in our lives. More to the point, we use the four species as actual tools to draw down that spiritual energy from the metaphysical plane, bringing that hitherto inaccessible energy, into our physical realm. If this reads like a bizarre, foreign concept, please consider that when 19'