b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONBuilding a sukkah. Courtesy of theNational Library of Israel.Indeed when Moses was at Mt. Sinai, he accomplished victory over death. This is why Moses is considered to be the chariot of the fourth sefirah: Netzach, which literally translates as victory. For this reason, on the fourth day of Sukkoth we invite Moses to join us, along with the other six chariots, as our guest of honor in the Sukkah. We want to attain some of Mosess attributes, and on that fourth day, Moses himself is going to help us do this.In conclusion, there are tremendous, nuanced opportunities that avail themselves to us during the holiday of Sukkoth. This article can only touch upon a few of them. The Sukkoth festival allows us to fill our cups to the brim; to change our destinies and get out of our ruts. Sukkoth allows us to achieve things over the succeeding eleven months, that would have previously been impossible.It should be pointed out; however, that Sukkoth is not the end of the festival season.DuringthemonthofElul,RoshHashanahandYomKippur,we figuratively fix the cup. Sukkoth is when we fill the cup to its brim. But only at the conclusion of the Sukkoth festival, do we drink that full cup of Hashems beneficence. This final, drinking of Hashems beneficence aspect of the Tishrei holiday season occurs on Simchat Torah.I hope you will consider the concepts I have introduced here. I hope that you will partake in the tremendous opportunity that is Sukkoth. It offers us so much and yet the holiday is so often overlooked. Sukkoth can and will change your life, if you give it a chance. 21'