b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONgiven to us on the 6th of Sivanthe day of Shavuotso even if we ignore the fact that we already have a holiday celebrating our gift of the Torah, why are we celebrating our love and appreciation for it more than six months later? Lastly, doesnt it seem strange that we celebrate this holiday with dancing and drinking as opposed to studying (as we do on Shavuot)? The answer to all these question lies in the concept of naaseh vnishma and can be best recounted with a short story: A father and mother want their son to get married; they know a girl who will be the perfect match for him. Although the son does not know this girl, he trusts and loves his parents and so agrees to marry her. They get married in a beautiful ceremony and officially begin their lives together. Throughout the coming months he begins to realize what an incredible girl he has married; not only is she beautiful, smart, and charming, but she also possesses all of the characteristics that a man could ever want from his wife. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes how lucky he is to have accepted to marry her. After about six months he decides that he wants to throw another celebration as now he understands her true essence and realizes how fortunate he is to have married her. This celebration is Simchat Torah. On his wedding day (Shavuot) he was happy to have married his bride, but he did not realize her depthhow could he? They had just met. He smiled for the camera, but his heart did not feel overjoyed because he did not yet know who she truly was. He agreed to act and understand later. Once he understood, then he could truly celebrate. On Shavuot we accept the Torah and stay up all night studying it to try and grasp its meaning. It is only many months later when we have seen what it is that the Torah can offer us that we can truly celebrate and rejoice for the gift we have received. On Shavuot we dive deep into the Torah to try understand its meanings, on Simchat Torah we can now love it and dance with it with all our beings because we have realized its essence. And the best part? In keeping with the old adageit didnt cost us a thing! Now thats what I call a good deal. Wishing you all a year of realizations and celebrations.29'