b'JEWISH CALENDAR COMPANIONThis years theme is about the Jewish calendar.One of my favourite chagim is Succos. This festival is also referred to as Zeman Simchateinu, the Season of our Rejoicing. ThewordSuccotmeansboothsandreferstothetemporary dwellings that we are commanded to live in during this holiday. This reminds me of the time when we wanted to have a succah in our house. My late grandmother Deborah went with my mother to Stamford Hill to see a succah which was like a tent. When my grandma saw it, she said to my mother that if we wanted a succah we should have a real one made of woodSo we had a succah which we made different designs every year making it better and easier for us to entertain guests. It was fun putting up decorations it with the sehach, hanging the fruit and putting the up posters. It was always very sad when on Shemini Atzeret afternoon said farewell to the succah, and taking down the posters and fruit after Simchas Torah had finished.OneofmyfavouritememorieswasvisitingRabbiLordSackss succah in Hamilton Terrace for kiddish after shul, when he was Chief Rabbi. Also helping on the Succah crawl on Shabbat Chol Hamoed afternoons.We had a poster in our succah which showed different kosher and non kosher types of succah according to Jewish law. With one on a boat, another one under a tree and a third on a camel.I would like to pay tribute to Rabbi Lionel and Rebbitzen Natalie Rosenfeld for their continued friendship, commitment and dedication to all of us the Western Marble Arch. You are really like family to us, but you are truly amazing, and we always look forward to going to shul and spending time with you. Personally I really enjoy singing with you on Shabbat. As Rabbi Lord Sacks has said in the past your music certainly lifts our spirits.Lastly, thank you to everyone who has contributed to this years booklet, to Mary Regnier- Leigh for proof reading it so well.Wishing you and all your family a Shana Tova Umtekah and Happy, Healthy Peaceful Sweet New Year. 9'