Bitesize Torah from Rabbi Rosenfeld

The Almighty has a myriad of blessings for each one of us.  There can be health, joy, happiness and prosperity.  For light to shine on us, all we have to do is to unlock the vault of blessings through our good deeds. And one mitzvah brings another.

In our portion this week, Ki Teitzei, the Torah commands that if we come across a nest of fledgling birds or eggs, and the mother bird is hovering over them, we must first send away the mother bird before we take her young, to show respect for life and motherhood.  Right after, comes the mitzvah of building a house and making sure to put a fence around the roof.  Then there is the mitzvah of planting a vineyard, but not mixing the seeds from another species. Then comes the mitzvah of putting tzitzit on the corners of a garment. So, one mitzvah leads to another. From the mitzvah of sending away the mother so that she will not see her young being taken, we can earn as it were the mitzvah of a house and clothes. We earn our place in this world – and the next – by following the commandments and by our good deeds. Shabbat Shalom.