The shul has daily services:

8.30 am – Shacharit followed by breakfast
6.30 pm – Mincha & Ma’ariv

Monday (Eruv Succot) – Monday 20 September
7.30 am – Shacharit
6.49 pm – Candle lighting
6.45 pm – Mincha & Ma’ariv

Tuesday (Succot Day 1) – Tuesday 21st September
9.15 am – Shacharit
6.45pm – Mincha &  Ma’ariv
7.48 pm – Candle lighting 2nd Day

Wednesday (Succot Day 2) – Wednesday 22nd September
9.15 am – Shacharit
6.45 pm – Mincha and Shiur
7.46 pm – Ma’ariv & Havdalah

Thursday (Chol Hamoed)
7.10 am – Shacharit
6.15 pm – Mincha & Ma’ariv

Friday (Chol Hamoed)
7.10 am – Shacharit


For those who wish to come to Synagogue by car (for the weekday Minyan) and avoid the congestion charge, when driving south down the Edgware Road, please turn right on to Kendal Street or Connaught Street where there is a car park and parking meters.
These are outside the congestion zone. This is the west side of the Edgware Road which is not in the congestion zone. Only the east side is in the congestion zone.
From this area (Connaught Village) you can walk to the Synagogue crossing the Edgware Road toward Great Cumberland Place. This walk should be no more than 5-10 minutes.