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Classes and Events

8.45 am – Morning Insights shiur with Rabbi Daniel Epstein
10.30 am – Snack and Sedra with Rebbitzen Ilana Epstein


Forthcoming Events

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407936859 Friday Night Dinner

Friday 19 April 2024

7.00 pm @ WMA

Join Rabbi Daniel and Rebbetzin Ilana Epstein as they host a special community Shabbat HaGadol Friday Night Dinner. Details to follow soon.

596788509 Communal Seder Night at WMA

Monday 22 April 2024

8.00 pm @ WMA

More than ever before we are coming together in strength, with faith and our families and friends to tell the story of Our People. From darkness to light. From slavery to freedom.

Led by Rabbi Daniel and Rebbetzin Ilana Epstein with songs and stories of our people’s struggles, with beautiful food and winee, we will recount the greatest story in all of history – the eternity of the Jewish People.

Seder Night Monday 22nd April 2024 - click here to book your tickets