Notify the synagogue office and appropriate Burial Society IMMEDIATELY on 020 7723 9333.

If you require the United Synagogue Burial Society please call on 020 8950 7767 or visit http://www.theus.org.uk/burial

If you require The Western Charitable Foundation please call on 020 7724 7702 or visit http://www.westerncharitablefoundation.com/arranging-a-funeral

The procedure for registering a death is as follows:

  • Obtain a death certificate from the doctor or hospital, stating the cause of death.
  • Take the death certificate to the Registrar for Births and Deaths. This must be the Registrar in the vicinity where the death occurred.
  • Telephone the Burial Office once you have been issued with the relevant documentation. The burial office will advise what to do next.

Once funeral arrangements have been made the Synagogue office will be able assist with Shiva chairs and prayer books and will liaise with the Rabbi about the funeral and subsequent Shiva.

You may wish to speak personally with the Rabbi about the funeral service and Shiva arrangements. He can be contacted through the synagogue office on 020 7723 9333.

Notify family and friends of the arrangements.