Bitesize Torah from Rabbi Rosenfeld

In our Sidra of Beha’alotcha, we read that the Menorah in the sanctuary was lit in an interesting way: the three lights on one side, and the three lights on the other, all faced towards the centre light. Why?

The centre light represented the holiness of Shabbat. The other six lights represented the six days of the week. During the week we are concerned with mundane transitory activities and problems; it’s hard to tune in to our innate holiness, to our Jewish soul. But come Friday Night, it’s dinner with the family, we light the candles and have the wine and challas ready on a beautifully laid Shabbat table.

But can a car suddenly warm up on a freezing day? Or, put another way, can someone who misses the opportunity to pray or study Torah during the week, jump into Shabbat and really get the full benefit? That is why the six lights of the Menorah, representing the six days of the week have to face the centre light- the Shabbat. May we try to live in such a way every weekday that we will be ready to face Shabbat and enjoy this unique and priceless gift to the Jewish people to the full. Shabbat Shalom.